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"The Signature Cocktail" | $140.00

Our most requested cocktail. Expect to feel amazing after having this energizing, immune-boosting hydration therapy. Increases mood, improves circulation, and improves muscular endurance. This IV even has the ability to decrease migraine symptoms.

"Fountain of Youth" | $165.00

Replenishes the body for healthier skin and nails, and it gives a nice immunity booster.

"Immunity Defender" | $145.00


Protects the body and speeds up recovery after an illness.

"Rise and shine" | $135.00


Reduces headaches and stops feelings of being tired or exhausted. This IV is good for hangovers without nausea.


"The Hangover cure" | $145.00


Good for those needing more energy and who also have symptoms of nausea following a night out of too many alcoholic drinks.


"The Office Manager" | $135.00


Promotes both focus and mental clarity for work hours and in daily life.



"Light and Bright" | $145.00


Promotes skin brightening, liver flushing, and detoxification and it helps strengthen the immune system.


"High dose Vitamin" C | $140.00 - $180.00.


Great to help strengthen the immune system. A favorite of our patients to have before traveling on a plane.


"Meyers Cocktail" | $135.00


Another very popular IV therapy at Beauty at the Lake. It helps maintain a strong immune system. Great to have before traveling as well.


"Glutathione IV push" | $60.00 (as a 1,000 mg IV add on)  $120.00 on its own


Glutathione is the body's master antiaging antioxidant for all organs, tissues, and blood vessels. Glutathione also helps aid the liver in detoxification.



Diamond Membership | $160/mo

Any IV, plus get 4 free vitamin jabs of your choice.


Gold Membership | $135/mo

Any IV, plus get 2 free vitamin jabs of your choice.



Upgrade to 1000 CC bag | $20

Tordol: non-narcotic for aches and pains | $25

Zofran: Anti-nausea medication | $25




“The Spark” - B12 | $25

Increase energy and endurance. Improve mood, clarity and sleep.

“B Happy”- (B complex) | $25

Reduce Stress. Improve mood and energy levels.

“The Skinny”- (Lipo B) | $30

Increase energy, boost metabolism, burn fat, and detox.

“Be Youthful” (Glutathione) | $25

Remove toxins, and get glowing, youthful skin.


“Workout Recovery” (L-Arginine) | $25

“Mental Focus” (Taurine) | $25

“The Energizer” (L-Glycine) | $25

PACKAGES: All vitamin injections are “buy 4 get one free”

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