Essential Anti-Aging Habits for Every Age

Your skin changes constantly.

In fact, your skin regenerates itself approximately every 27 days! Naturally, your skincare regime should change with time, too. We've gathered our most hard hitting habits to keep you looking youthful throughout the ages.


Wear sunscreen like it’s your job

It’s the #1 way to prevent wrinkles, brown spots and other signs of aging and cancer

Invest in your skincare

Invest a few dollars on nicer products. PRO TIP: Spend more money on your moisturizer than your cleanser, since the cleanser will go down the drain.

Live a healthy lifestyle!

Healthy habits like exercise, eating, and sleeping well keep everything running smoothly.


Your skin is at its peak right now with tons of collagen and elastin production, but good habits now mean better skin in the future! Here's how to start.

Choose a moderate acne-fighting treatment

Invest in a gentle cleanser and avoid stripping your skin of oils that it needs to stay balanced and moist.

Stick to your SPF moisturizer

Moisturizers help directly hydrate the skin and hold in moisture. SPF prevents UV light from penetrating skin and minimizes free radical damage, which can cause premature aging. Stick to it!

An over-the-counter retinol

In your mid 20’s, your skin starts to lose collagen by 1% a year. Retinoids not only stimulate collagen production, but they also help even out skin tone.



Time for Retinol

Retinol is derived from the vitamin A complex and is a great tool for acne-fighting and anti-aging. Look for an over the counter retinol to include in your skincare regime. (check out our all natural signature retinol, here)

Focus on Exfoliating

Get a gentle peel as regularly as possible to moisturize, rejuvenate and leave skin susceptible to absorbing serums and nutrients.

Add in antioxidants

When choosing skincare products, look for ingredients like vitamin A, C and other brightening ingredients to minimize pores and redness, balance the tone of your skin and treat free radicals.

Form a skin team

If you haven’t already, find a great Dermatologist and aesthetician. In the years to come, you’ll be grateful you have a team who knows you and your skin and can provide tailor-made expertise and intervention.

Continue to Moisturize

Use a thicker moisturizer like a lotion or cream base with a higher concentration of skin protecting ingredients.

Consider Botox

If you’re thinking about using botox, now is the time! Relax the muscles that form wrinkles now so you don’t have to treat those lines later on.


40s - ACT

Add Serums to your daily routine

Peptide, eye and antioxidant serums should be added to your daily routine. Highly active moisturizing serums will also be extremely helpful now.

  • Hyaluronic acid serum

As hormone levels drop, collagen production slows dramatically which decreases the plump, firm skin you had in your earlier years.

Consider fillers

Fillers are an excellent alternative to anti-aging surgery. Tackle fine lines and get a gentle lift.

Consider Gentle Lasers

Talk to your dermatologist about the gentler laser options to tackle fine lines.



Keep it going

Continue to add products packed with antioxidants, moisture and protection. Use a gentle cleanser and a high-quality moisturizer. Remember, you should add to (not replace) our skin care products.

Use Botox and Fillers with Moderations

No need to explain the results of overuse, here. Keep it subtle!

Consider more intense lasers

Fractional lasers target deeper wrinkles. Talk to your dermatologist about aggressive treatments.

Have questions? Let us know! Comment below or send us an email, anytime :)

With love and life,

Beauty at the Lake

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