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How to: Grow Healthy, Natural Thick Hair, Nails & Lashes

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Dry ... brittle ... sparse.

These are certainly not words we’d like to use to describe any of our features, right?

Damaged hair, nails and lashes however can easily be given these adjectives.

At Beauty at the Lake, we advocate for organic, natural beauty solutions. We’ve listed a few of our favorite recipes, tips and products below to support healthy, natural, thick hair, nails and lashes.

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Have you ever noticed that stress disrupts your nail growth? Let’s talk about why.

Collagen is the most abundant and strongest natural protein in your body, but we need a little something called vitamin C to create it. This pivotal vitamin diminishes whenever our body's natural functions are stressed.

Too much stress from excess sun exposure, toxins (from diet or environment) or mental pressure causes your levels to drop and your body to suffer 😳

Taking a vitamin C supplement can help contradict some of the results of stress as well as help with absorption of all nutrients.


1. Collagen is essential.

You can find great collagen supplements on the market today, but powder based supplements have been proven to be more effective than gels or tablets.

Also, pay attention to the collagen “type.” Collagen in the body is broken down into various categories and we don’t want to miss out on one.

2. Use a CBD Oil

CBD Oil is amazing for hair and skin!

CBD oil is high in vitamin E and omega fatty acids which are both crucial for optimal hair health.

CBD can be taken orally and used topically to improve dry scalp, blood circulation and reduce any inflammation you may have around your hair follicles.

A really good CBD oil improves dry scalp, helps blood circulation and reduces inflammation around the hair follicles which helps with faster, stronger, longer hair.

Beauty at the Lake


  • Daily chores like washing dishes can damage both nail and nail bed.

  • Frequent application and removal of nail polish wears our nails out

  • Any other handling of household chemicals

  • Illness, stress or nutritional deficits can also lead to weak brittle nails.


Any type of nourishing oil will be helpful to protect and nourish your nails and nail beds.

Below is a quick and easy DIY nail strengthener that features moisturizing and strengthening Argan oil, vitamin E and essential oils for nails. SImply add all ingredients to a dropper bottle and apply at night or after a shower.


  • 1 tbs Argan oil

  • ½ teaspoon vitamin E oil

  • ¼ teaspoon lemon essential oil (30drops)

  • ⅛ teaspoon frankincense essential oil (15 drops)

  • glass bottle with dropper (2 ounce size)*

Beauty at the Lake Lash Growth Serum


Lashes, like any other hair, will thrive when nourished with healthy oils and proteins. We created our signature Beauty at the Lake lash growth serum to provide a safe, natural and organic alternative to some of the chemically ridden ones out there.

Check out our powerful peptide, coconut & sesame oil infused serum, here.


Also known as B7, biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin important for energy levels, building healthy tissue and digestion.

Read our full blog on how this was discovered, how it works and notes on its efficacy, here.

Purchase our signature Biotin Supplement from our online store, here!

That's it for now. See you, soon!

Beauty at the Lake

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