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How to Really Find Rest that Resets

Business closures, schedule disruptions and complete town power outages ... is it just me , or is this roller coaster of events beginning to feel conventional?

Woman overwhelmed by stress - Beauty at the Lake Blog

I need a rest. We all do. It’s a necessity yet real rest has almost become counter cultural. Many of us are business minded people with boundless persistence; but embodying rejuvenating rest is just as important and purposeful.

This is your sweet reminder that really finding rest that resets is not a luxury.

I crave it more these days. I also don’t actually find it easily.

So, this blog lays out great motivation and ideas for finding real rest that resets in 2021 (as well as a few prompting questions to give you clarity on how to get there.)

1. Calendar Integrity

Rest means different things to each of us. We all need different amounts. It’s up to you to figure out what you need and then put it on your calendar! This should be a monthly or weekly activity called calendar integrity in order to prioritize this beautiful balance.

Americans are notorious for not using vacation days. Why is this? If you have PTO, use it to rest! Try not to only take days off when you have actual plans, but take mental health days off.

TIP: It doesn’t even have to be a full day. As an entrepreneur, I prioritize setting aside a block of time for recharging activities throughout the day.

2. Say no

Mindfulness leads to a more enjoyable life! Listen to your own needs. Prioritize life-giving activities and honor your honest state of being.

Be realistic about your bandwidth and your energy. Consider your weekly engagements, seasonal plans and even moment by moment mindfulness.

• Do you really have the attention span to watch that movie or would you be more rejuvenated doing something else?

• Do you really have the energy to listen to your friend vent or do you need some time to find rest in your own life?

Say no more often. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Woman turning off social media notifications

3. Turn off social media notifications

It turns out all of your notifications will be there when you hop on again when you turn them off!

Our brains have become so conditioned to react to notifications almost immediately and turning these off can really benefit you when you’re trying to have unplugged time.

Did you watch the social dilemma on Netflix? It’s not a good thing to be constantly available and responsive to social media activity. Focus on what’s right in front of you. Be present.

woman sleeping

4. Go to Bed Earlier

I struggle with this one, NOT because I don’t want to go to bed early, but because I want to go to bed at 8pm and feel like it's wrong! My friend lovingly asked me, who told you that it was wrong? We need to do what's best for ourselves.

• When does your evening routine begin?

• Can you start it a bit earlier? Maybe 15 minutes this week, maybe 30 next week.

It’s so beneficial to set yourself a loving, personal bed time.

Don’t borrow energy from the next day. Value and listen to the feeling of exhaustion.

5. Audit on draining and rejuvenating activities

Let’s take a moment to sit down with our thoughts and do a little self-awareness work so we can make the most of our downtime.


What activities in your day, week or month take away your energy? How could you balance those draining parts of the day?

NOTE: Energetically draining activities don’t have to be negative. Recognize those moments so you can redirect your priorities when you’re asked to engage with them.

What moments or circumstances energize or rejuvenate you? How can you consciously build those components into your everyday as you move forward?

NOTE: think specific, here. When can you schedule them? What will trigger you to take part in them?

This small decision trickles down into your everyday habits and allows you to find real, rejuvenating rest on purpose!

If receiving a massage, taking care of your skin or adding in soothing, organic skincare to your routine would be life-giving, call the studio or click the photo below to add it to your schedule.

You’re worth it, beautiful.

Beauty at the Lake

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