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Take Control of Your Lymphatic System With These 8 Strategies

Under your skin in this moment, thousands of vessels gather unhealthy cells and move them toward filtration stations to be eliminated.

Your Lymphatic system is your body’s built-in sanitation center and it:

  • Absorbs fats and fat-soluble vitamins from the digestive tract

  • Delivers these vitamins to the cells of your body

  • Is essential to your immune system

  • Maintains fluid levels

  • Fight infections

  • Produces disease fighting white blood cells

Did You Know

The largest circulatory system in your body depends on you to keep it moving!

1. A sedentary lifestyle

2. Dehydration

3. A toxic environment

4. Stress or

5. A poor diet

These are all causes for lymphatic congestion and lead to poisoned cells, fatigue, swelling, infection and inflammation; but ... there are plenty of ways to get it going again, quickly!

Let’s talk about them 🥰


  • Headaches

  • Brain fog

  • Swollen lymph nodes or tonsils

  • Lack of energy

  • Recurrent sore throats

  • Morning mucous

  • Mucous drainage (especially after dairy or flour)

  • Fluid backup in the ear (especially in children)

  • Ear popping and ringing

  • Reduced ability to fight infection (frequent cold or flu)

  • Constipation or slugging bowel function

  • Inability to lose weight

  • Soreness or stiffness in the morning

  • Bloating, swelling, or heaviness in extremities

  • Arms or hands fall asleep while sleeping

  • Pain, pressure, or stiffness along your spine and shoulders

  • Sore breast or breast swelling with your menstrual cycle

  • Itchy skin

  • Acne, dry skin or other skin issues

Activate Your Lymphatic System

Pick three or four of these practices and suggestions and stick to them for ten days.

1. Hydrate with hot water

Since dehydration is a common cause of lymph congestions, pure water is essential to rehydrate! The best lymph-moving hydration technique is to sip hot, purified water every 15 minutes throughout the day.

Drink herbal tea or keep a thermos nearby and see the difference this makes!

2. Breathe Deeply

Unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system does not have a pump (like the heart). Your breath acts as a 24/7 lymphatic pump.

Proper belly breathing is the most important facilitator of lymphatic activation.

Chest breathing leads to lymphatic congestion. Check your breathing throughout the day and bring it all the way down into your diaphragm. Breathe in slowly through your nose deeply pushing out your stomach and inflating your low back. Slowly let it go through your mouth.

3. Dry Brushing or Self Massage

Especially in the winter, dry brushing before a shower or bath is a daily habit we certainly promote.

Because your lymphatic system is close to the surface of your skin, light, circulation motion from the feet to the neck is crucial to promote lymphatic drainage.

Check out our previous blog on self massage, here.

4. Alternate Hot and Cold Water in Your Shower

Increase circulation, boost immunity and move stagnant lymphatic fluid with this super simple hydrotherapy.

Your lymphatic vessels contract when exposed to cold and dilate in response to heat.

Simply alternate between cold water and hot water for 1-4 minutes at a time, ending in cold water in the shower.

You can also include infrared sauna sessions to your weekly or monthly hydrotherapy plan! Please, avoid this if you have a blood pressure condition or if you’re pregnant.

5. Move Your Body

Sitting all day is a problem! The lymphatic system depends on large muscle activity to keep it moving. Get up and move for 1-2 minutes every 15-20 minutes for the best results.

Do some squats, go for a walk, stretch, do calf raises or jump up and down a little to move the lymph around.

Stretching and some yoga poses are especially effective for moving lymph fluid around.

6. Rebound

Jumping on a rebounder (a small trampoline) is one of the most efficient ways to reduce lymphatic congestion and exercise every cell in your body. Your body uses the gentle up and down movement to turbo charge your lymph function.

You can do this with very little impact by gently bouncing up and down, lifting your heels and keeping your toes on the ground. Just two minutes of this movement will clear the lymph.

You can also attain a rebound motion by bouncing on an exercise ball. Always start small!

7. Schedule a Massage & Platinum HydraFacial

Massage reduces swelling, detoxifies your body and helps speed regeneration of tissue and cells. Follow a hot stone massage with a cupping session and a platinum HydraFacial®.

Every platinum HydraFacial begins with lymphatic drainage (see video here). Using pressure from suction and knowledge of your face's lymphatic vessel placement, we move lymph fluid from every area of your face toward your heart for elimination.

8. Eat Whole Foods

Fruits, vegetables (esp. green veggies), and healthy fats will purify your lymph and blood. Stay away from processed foods, junk food, fast food and sugary drinks (yes, even the flavored coffee!) They cause inflammation and lymphatic build up.


Add These Habits to Your Daily Routine

When you honor your lymphatic system, your complexion glows, your body is full of energy and you may even experience a 'flu-free' winter! Keep these tips as a fundamental part of a conscious, natural wellness plan.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Beauty at the lake

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