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The Sweetness Of Sugaring That Virtually No One Knows About

The hunt for smooth, hairless skin without the razor burn, ingrown hairs, and irritation is over!

Introducing Sugaring: an ancient hair removal method dating back thousands of years during the early Persian Empire. It requires a honey-like, pliable paste that consists of only:

1. sugar,

2. lemon juice, and

3. water

Beauty at the Lake Sugaring

Fit for an Empress

This sweet concoction originated as a luxurious beauty therapy performed on Cleopatra herself. 

Fit for an empress, the art of sugaring has a plethora of benefits:

100% All Natural, Organic & Eco-Friendly Ingredients

Unlike wax, which includes harmful additives such as paraffin, alcohol, perfumes and dyes that irritate the skin, sugar paste is formulated with only three ingredients (sugar, lemon, water) that are more gentle, effective, and even biodegradable.

Great for All Skin Types

Sugar paste does not need to be heated to high temperatures as wax does. This means there is no risk of burning, swelling, or lifting of live skin, where sugar paste only adheres to the hair and dead skin cells making it gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

Sugaring Leg at Beauty at the Lake

No Breakage & Long Lasting Results

Applied against the grain and removed in the direction of hair growth with a flick of the wrist, sugar removes the hair shaft right from the bulb with no breakage or any part of the follicle left behind

This method reveals smooth skin without redness, a reduced chance of ingrown hairs, and bare skin for longer in between appointments.

Water Soluble

You don’t have to spend the rest of your day picking bits of wax off your skin or deal with an oily wax remover residue on your clothes. Sugar paste dissolves in water, so even if there is a little leftover we will supply you with a moist towelette or warm towel to simply wipe it away.


Fresh sugar paste is withdrawn from the container each time. Oftentimes only one ball of paste is enough for the job, but if necessary, your technician will throw out the saturated sugar, put on a new glove and retrieve a brand new ball of sugar. There is zero chance of contamination, double-dipping or reuse of anything that touches used sugar paste. 

Leads to Permanent Hair Removal 

Sugaring process Beauty at the Lake Coeur d'Alene

Each time you get sugared, the roots of the hair follicles are detached from the pores, the follicle collapses and a new hair follicle begins reconstructing.

Over time, as the follicles weaken, many will stop growing hair altogether. The longer that you’ve been sugaring on a monthly basis, the finer, and more sparse the hair growth will be.

Ditch the Razor

So ditch the razor, wax, and toxic hair removal creams this summer, and experience a sweet alternative to healthy, hair-free, radiant skin!

Alexandria Harrison,

Esthetician, Sugaring Expert

P.s. Need to make a sugaring appointment? Schedule, here: BOOK ONLINE


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