The Top Three Dietary Changes You Need to Make, Today

At the studio, we take a holistic perspective to treat symptoms and concerns.

Your skincare concerns may be communicating the state of your internal health, so we may ask you questions and offer advice that have nothing to do with topical solutions.

Oftentimes, dietary changes make all the difference!

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Don’t be confused by outdated information. Some skin doctors and medical books will tell you that diet doesn’t impact skin conditions.

Your skin is affected by pretty much everything your body does.

For instance, an unhealthy intake of sugar is super bad for your skin. It is more addictive than a drip feed of cocaine (up to 8 times!) but once you understand what it’s doing to your skin, you’ll ditch the over indulgence.

A consultation or facial is the best way to get a personalized plan of action; however, in this blog, we explain the 3 dietary changes we usually prescribe.

1. Cut Down on Carbs

High sugar foods cause your body to experience a process called Glycation.

Glycation impares normal cellular tissue functions as excess sugars react with proteins in your body. The two cells make something called an advanced-glycation-end-product, that’s AGEs for short (seems a little obvious, right?). This bi-product (AGEs) is unrecognizable to the rest of your system (not natural) causing stress, inflammation and unhealthy hormone production.

Glycation also causes AGEs to bind to proteins like collagen and elastin (the two proteins that keep our skin springy and soft.) We need those cells to be healthy!

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Bonus Tips:

  • Cut Down on Fried Foods. Fried foods cause AGEs to be made and your body absorbs up to ⅓ of them

  • Be Savvy With The Sunscreen. UV rays cause the acceleration glycation

  • Add Some Spice to Your Life. Ginger, cumin, cinnamon, black pepper and green tea, rosemary, tarragon and cloves are helpful for stopping glycation

  • Get a good helping of antioxidants. We need antioxidants! Internally and topically

2. Detox Dairy

Milk is relatively new to our diet as adults. There are several reasons why it may be affecting you skin.

  1. Dairy is full of hormones!

  2. Dairy is full of sugar (lactose)

  3. Dairy contains caseins, which is inflammatory proteins

You may want to try a dairy detox for about 2-8 weeks (depending on your age) as this is the time it takes for newly born skin cells to be produced.

Beauty at the Lake Blog

3. Increase Your Intake of Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Inflammatory lifestyle choices could be the cause of your skin concerns. Naturally, upping your intake of anti-inflammatory foods is key to improving your skin health.

A Few of Our Favorites:

  1. Omega 3 rich foods like fatty fish, chia and hemp seeds

  2. Fresh veggies like Tomatoes and Dark leafy greens

  3. Olive Oil

Beauty at the Lake Blog

In the End

Everyone has different needs. We would love to help you try to navigate a solution to your concerns! Schedule a consultation or facial, here.

With love,

Beauty at the Lake

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