What to Expect With a Nordlys Laser Treatment


We offer three different treatments with the laser. We have the hair removal and we have IPL which is for the face, and decollete and arms and hands and then we have our laser which is frax which is resurfacing of the skin. So, it’s to smooth out any deep wrinkles, any acne scarring that you may have. With the ND Yag, it’s vascular. So, we can treat cherry angiomas and leg veins and any of those other little veins you have going on in your body.



So, with the IPL, what you can expect during treatment is it would feel like a rubber smacking your face in the treatment area.

For afterwards, you will notice that your sunspots and dark spots get darker and then they get this coffee ground look to them and then they sluff off. We don’t recommend picking at them. We do not want you to do any scrubs. Just let them come off naturally so that you do not have any scarring afterwards.



The YAG is a pinpoint laser that will coagulate any blood vessels, veins and cherry angiomas that you might have. During treatment with the yag we cannot numb. It will feel like a small little pinprick when we do the treatment in the area that we’re treating.

After treatment with the Yag if you have any leg veins done… anything like that... you have to put them up immediately afterwards for at least the rest of the evening. We do not recommend any strenuous activity. No running, no exercising. That will bring the veins back because when we do the treatment it coagulates the blood in the vessels which is what’s getting rid of them.



With the frax, it’s ideal for those who have acne scarring, deep wrinkles, any type of unevenness in the skin and you want that to be smoothed out. What that frax does is it goes deep into the dermis layer of the skin which is where the water is stored in your skin and when it goes down in there it heats up that water which causes your body to start producing collagen, which is where we get the resurfacing. We do numb your face because it will be painful. Even though your face is numb you can feel a pain level of about a 3 or 4 on a scale of 10.

And then afterwards you will notice that your skin will get almost kind of a scaly kind of feel to it which is completely normal. It takes about 4-6 weeks for the collagen to fully be built up in your skin and for you to really notice the results.



So, during the consultation we go over all of your skin concerns and with the IPL we decide if you’re going to want 1 treatment, 2 or 3.

And if you do need three treatments, we do offer a package where you buy 2 get one free.

If you would like to find out if you're a good candidate you can give us a call at the spa or go online and book your consultation and we can speak with you about your concerns.

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