Why Honesty & Integrity are Vital in the Spa

Updated: Aug 25, 2021


Hello, everyone. It’s Brianna at Beauty At The Lake. I hope you are all well.

I’m here to talk to you about something that’s become more relevant recently with us getting the laser which is a little bit more of a serious treatment, a little bit more of an invasive treatment than what we are used to here at Beauty At The Lake.

With that responsibility comes a certain level of accountability. So, I want to talk today a little bit about integrity in the spa. So, You guys are kind of used to this already when we’re asking you about your retinolis in your acids, your medications, your allergies, all these things are to protect you.

There’s a whole waiver with your medical history for the med spa side. There’s a waiver that asks for medication stuff for our facial performance. It just makes sense inherently to ask questions about the laser, obviously.

So, if you are on any medications which we’ve talked about before in previous videos which are all available to you if you’re interested, that’s only part of it.

One of the big things it’s come to our attention is exposure to the sunlight. We understand that it’s summertime and in Idaho we know it doesn’t last long enough so we want you to embrace it so much. With that it’s your responsibility to reschedule your laser appointment for the fall time.

If you’re going to be in the sun and it is so paramount that you are truthful because there are so many negatives and Bad things honestly that can happen when you’re not honest with us in the spa.

So, with laser laser being our most recent addition the sun exposure piece has become so much more important because everything we do with the laser (the IPL) is energy-based, right?

And what is the sun? It is one big energy ball in the sky. So, when we are about to apply more energy tothe targeted area (either to stop the hair from growing or to bring the pigmentation to the surface of the skin to schlep off), no matter what that looks like, we can’t have all that extra activity happening on the skin because we are taking exactly what we see in front of us which is your skin tone, how much sun exposure you have at the time, all of this stuff we then calculate a number for the specific amount of energy that we have to incorporate into our process and if you already have a major amount of energy activity on your skin it makes sense that that’s incredibly important. We could do incredibly poorly because there’s an excess of energy because we know what we’re doing and we’re sticking to our parameters that were supposed to, but if on the clientele side they’re not being honest about the energy that they’re experiencing from the outside you put those two together and it’s more energy than the skin can handle.

So, that’s why it seems like we’re so stern and so adamant on this. It's because we have to be because your safety is of the utmost importance always.

That’s what we’re trying to accomplish by this cautionary, you know, just be honest, be transparent, have integrity in our relationship.

I wanted to do this video to talk to everybody about how to trust us. We need to know your full experience, we need to know allergies, we need to know your sun exposure. It’s really hard for us to dissect and help when people aren’t being as straightforward with us as they could be.

I ran into this all the time with acne clients when we get them on a strict regimen and there’s no picking involved and I have to trust them that when they go home they’re not going to pick their skin at least as badly as they did before based on the knowledge that I gave them.

The same thing applies to the laser. I have to be able to trust my clients that they’re not going in the sun two weeks before hand and two weeks after, because I don’t wanna hurt anyone and no one in the spa wants to hurt anyone and it’s a team effort between us and the clients to always keep that channel of communication wide wide open.

We won’t be mad. It’s the same concept as a cancellation. We know that life happens and stuff comes up. We just want honesty because then we can help you and you can help us.

There’s no danger involved, The responsibility feels good, you did a good job, we got the results that we wanted to. We help the area that was ailing you, you know, everything comes to fruition when we work together as a team.

I just wanted to come here today to express our gratitude for our clients and their utmost honesty.

We get cancellations all the time for people with lasers like you know I’m sorry I had to go out on the boat, I was out in the sun and I use sunscreen. I just wanna be honest with you. And it’s totally OK. Will get you scheduled out for a week or two later in the grand scheme of all the sessions you’ll need; it's not gonna make that big of a difference.

Your IPL treatment, your hair removal and all that stuff, we can build off of it. It’s a progression. We can cancel, we can reschedule, we can postpone. You know, all these things are options we would much rather take above risking any harm to any of you guys because we Love you guys. We love our clients. We know that you are some of the most honest people we have ever experienced.

Honestly, we have such chill clientele. We have The most kind hearted individuals that come in there and we know that nine times out of 10 you’re right there with us being a team already so this is really just a cautionary reach out from the spa to just ask for that mutual respect and that mutual integrity and transparency that is part of my relationship with you guys.

Because if we want to fight aging in later years then we have to work together. And I think that we do a good job with that already and I think that we’re all on our way up to do even greater things.

So, thanks for hearing me out. I hope to see you guys all soon for some consultations and some hair removal and I peel and all that jazz. We love you so very much.

Thank you all, immensely.

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