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Why Your Skin Craves LED Light Therapy


Hello, everyone! It’s Brianna at Beauty at the Lake again.

Today we are going to be talking about LED light therapy. So, you notice that a lot of the times when you guys come in for a facial will add on some form of some color light therapy at the end of your treatment. A lot of this is based on your personal skin type.

Before I get into that I’m going to discuss a little bit about where LED light came from. It’s always kind of been in existence but the reason why we use it in the beauty industry today is because NASA scientists were trying to research how to best grow and fortify plants in space without the sunlight and in zero G, (all of that stuff.) So, they started to practice with different lights and different techniques for how to grow these things and they learned that LED lights were super helpful in that department.

So, long story short they learned that red light therapy was really good for stimulation, collagen production, (stuff like that) for getting things waking up and moving again, and obviously that’s helpful to try and grow a plant because it needs that kind of movement within it so that obviously translates to skin later on. And then they learned that the blue light actually killed particular bacteria on the surface of the plant which obviously aided in growth because it wasn’t being inhibited by the bacteria.

And so in the beauty industry it’s basically the same.

Beauty at the Lake HydraFacial

We use red light therapy for collagen production stimulation, to get the blood rushing to the skin, to kind of help aid any healing and stuff like that. Generally speaking, the red light is really handy with anti-aging clients. So, if your skin is a little bit like cuprous, if you’re looking a little bit like crepey, (stuff like that) we really want to get that movement reintroduced into the skin - we use the red light.

Green is usually used for people that are kind of like me, and I have super sensitive skin that sensitized overtime. We’ve used too many scrubs, too many acids, too much salicylic and benzol peroxide products (stuff like that) that just kind of harms our skin barrier. I use a lot of the yellow green and blue lights for that particular ailment.

A lot of our acne clients are strictly blue light. I’ll hit them with the blue light. Kill that surface bacteria. Help the good products soak in (especially the anti-acne) so … our balance and unburden serum (stuff like that) recovery bomb stuff that’s just really jam packed with nutrition, that way we can really cook it into the skin using that LED light therapy

Beauty at the Lake LED Light

The timing on LED lights kind of varies but generally speaking we like to have you under there for about 20 minutes, so 15 to 20 minutes.

It's usually $30 to add it onto a facial or $50 to do it solo, but we do packages all the time, and a lot of the time, if we feel you need it in a facial, we will not neglect you and will just add it to the treatment plan anyways for no added cost to you. Usually it’s about 15 to 20 minutes we give you protection and everything like that .. put your ‘sunnies’ on and usually it just depends on your skin. So, either put you under there with nothing on your skin before we do the final touches or we will do all the final touches and then put you under the lights so that all of it can soak in. So, it just depends on kind of like what’s ailing you at the time like what particular treatment we’re going for. And each therapist is going to use all of their knowledge to figure out what’s best for your skin and make sure that we’re personalizing to each person that comes in.

Generally speaking, you don’t need longer than 20 minutes, and there’s also LED masks online. We sell them here at Beauty at the Lake. They are the ones that just go on your face and they have the eyes cut out so you can still go about your daily living. It has all of the lights in it so you could literally pick. So, one day you could do red light for anti-aging and the next day you could do blue light for killing that surface bacteria. So, they’re very versatile and we live in an age that we can get it so freely available on the internet or at Beauty at the Lake

That way you’re just always thinking about your skin, you know? Because we’re a face forward kind of civilization like this is something that we should really invest in and care about and a lot of the time you can get them for around $100 and you can use them almost daily.

LED light Mask Beauty at the Lake

For a long time I was fighting my acne and trying to heal the skin as I was also fighting that bacteria. I was doing light therapy every day for 15 minutes at least. So, whether that’s reading a book or watching your favorite TV show, anything like that just with that mask on letting your face absorb all that light is incredible. It’s super beneficial.

So, yeah, that’s kind of the gist about LED light therapy. It’s a little bit about where it came from what its uses are and what kind of clients could benefit from it (which is virtually everyone) and just how we at Beauty at the Lake implement it and use it for all of our clients so that we can get you the best skin that we can I hope that this was informative and helpful and I hope that you try to incorporate LED light therapy into your life even if it’s just sometimes it’s still better than nothing.

So, thank you for listening and I hope everybody has a beautiful day!

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