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Wrinkle-Reducing Patches vs Botox® - Worth the Hype?

Updated: May 18, 2022

In life, somewhere between the hard knocks and deep 11’s, it becomes time to take care of the fine lines and deep wrinkles you've accrued.

It also becomes apparent that there are many options available to get there! Trying to recapture the smooth texture of your teens while juggling what life throws at you is hard enough without the decision fatigue attached.

This blog dives into my experience, successes and lessons learned trying two of the most popular wrinkle reducing methods for those under 50:

1. Botox® Injections

2. Facial Wrinkle-Reducing Patches

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How it Started

Some are blessed with minimal lines in their late 20's. Not this girl (marketing manager Renee, here!).

After college, graduate school and chronic dehydration, my forehead displayed a roadmap uniquely illustrating a stressful past; so I decided to try Botox® in November, 2020.

My Botox Experience

After consulting with my wonderfully talented nurse injector, she explained that the horizontal forehead lines and deep 11’s I had neglected over the years would take about 40 units to correct.

(For a price reference in price, 1 unit of Botox® is about $10-$13 dollars, and I found that the amount I needed decreased over time.)

The injections felt like tiny pricks and she took about 10 minutes to complete my treatment. I did have a little handheld vibrating tool to distract me from the pain, but it wasn’t needed!

Afterward, we applied some sunscreen and set a followup appointment.

Seven days later I saw incredible results with minimal movement and softened (almost invisible!) lines. I was amazed! … relieved … very pleased (and a little hooked)

NOTE: The efficacy timeline for Botox® is different for everyone, but effects usually lasts 3-4 months.

Over the next year and a half, I continued injections every 4 months. My deep lines turn into fine lines and eventually, even in between appointment when my Botox® was almost completely worn off, my forehead looked 100% smoother with a healthy glow 🥰 ... until one day when Instagram inundated me with ads for a Botox® alternative … and I couldn’t help myself!

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My Wrinkle Reducing Patches Experience

Wrinkle reducing patches have been Hollywood’s solution for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles long before Botox® was an option.

You can use these patches between the eyes and on the forehead, on the corner of your eyes and mouth, or anywhere else you wish to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Like Botox®, wrinkle patches physically prevent you from making repetitive motions (like frowning or squinting) that can deepen wrinkles over time. They are applied to specific areas over night 😴 to help train those muscles to relax and reduce the severity of fine lines and wrinkles even when you’re not wearing them.

Your skin should look smoother after waking up and removing the patch; but, like a fresh ironed shirt, wrinkles may show up later throughout the day.

I’ve found there are two popular types of patches you can try: Silicone Patches and Frownies

About Frownies

Frownies are small cardboard-like patches that stick to your skin and are made of natural weighted unbleached craft paper and a vegetable-based adhesive. They cost about $20 and come in boxes of over 100 patches perforated in different triangle shapes for different areas of your face. To apply, you damped the patches and allow them to dry on your skin. Damped them again to remove.

About Silicone Patches

The silicone patches are made of medical grade silicone and have an adhesive sticky side to them that peels off easily without dampening. Each patch is washed with warm water after every application to be dried and stored for reuse.

I opted to try these reusable silicone patches for less than $20 (on Amazon).

After my first night wearing one across my forehead, I actually saw good results!

BONUS: By lifting my skin, the patches smoothed my wrinkles (and pores) to pretty much a glass texture. It’s the best my skin has looked in decades! These reusable patches are still going strong after a few months and I have noticed my muscles involuntarily relaxing more each day.

I can go a few nights without wearing them, now, and still see the effects.

There are, however, pros and cons to wrinkle patches (as well as Botox®). Let’s talk about them.


  • They’re a great option for those who are scared to get injections.

  • They’re affordable!

  • The really do work without risks and even if you’re immune to Botox®.

  • They still allow you to move your face if you really need to emote. (This is one of the biggest reasons I stopped getting Botox®. My boyfriend was having difficult time reading me, emotionally, and it wasn’t great for our relationship).

  • They can be used between Botox® appointments to relieve some of the financial strain and still usher in great results.


  • They are not sexy. If you sleep with a partner or husband, they will have to get used to you looking a bit strange at night!

  • They are not as fast-acting in regard to training your muscles and do require commitment.

  • Unlike Botox® which is in effect 24/7 while it’s active, they will not work if you don’t use them.


  • It works even when you don’t! No commitment needed but once every quarter.

  • You can target problem areas better with Botox®. Your nurse injector will know exactly where to inject to solve your concerns (that may not be reachable with patches).

  • If you’re looking for deep wrinkles to be softened, Botox® is best. It works 24/7 to relax those wrinkle-causing muscles bringing you results much sooner than patches.

  • Botox® can be used for much more than just wrinkles. I’ve had Botox® for clenching before (masseters) and it helped tremendously to slim my face and relieve tension. It can also be used for migrants, excessive sweating, lip flips, eyebrow lifts, neck lines and more.

  • Botox® (injected anywhere) has been proven to lessen the symptoms of depression! Find out more, here: Can Botox® Treat Depression


  • It is a larger investment

  • It does essentially freeze your face from emoting fully which can make it hard for others to know what you’re feeling at times (especially if they don't know you).

  • There is a risk of you being immune to the toxin

botox female blue gloves

Finally, while there is no good scientific evidence showing that wrinkle patches provide any type of benefit, there is significant evidence showing that botulinum toxin (Botox®) is an extremely effective (and safe) option for treating the wrinkles you wish to reduce.

Botox® is a great option for more mature clients, as well, as their well trained muscles could use the 24/7 freeze.

In my experience, these two treatments complement each other and are very useful at different time and in different ways! Ask your nurse injector for their advice on how to reach your esthetic goals.

If you'd like to start your botox journey give us a call or click here to schedule a free consultation with either one of our medical estheticians.

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